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This project was born from the passion to explore and share all the corners of a small great island: Formentera.

Formentera is a well-known touristic destination to enjoy incredible beaches of fine sand and turquoise waters. However, it also consists of 70kms of cost for walking, running, mountain-biking and exploring its numerous caves and caverns...It is a real pleasure to enjoy these sportive activites in such a beautiful place.

The summer season is very warm, especially July and August, therefore we offer our activities at the cooler times of the day, at sunrise or sunset, and always near a place where we could take a nice bath.

It is a personal project that began in 2014, and right now it offers you:

- guided sportive activities: Hiking, Trail Running and Caves.

- Limited number of participants,  personal company.

- Entitled and federated guide, who loves the island and will attend you personally.

- Activities covered by accident insurance and Professional Civil Liability Insurance.

- Short excursions of 2 or 3 hours at sunrise and sunset, for all levels and ages.

- Longer excursions between 4 and 8 hours / from 10 to 28Km.

- Holiday pack "Tour around the whole island and caves", 80 Km in 6 stages.

All this and much more is Walking Formentera, I hope you like it.





I am passionate about the sea and mountains, I was born in Terrassa (Barcelona) in 1982 and in the summer season I live in Formentera..

I am a degreed electro engineer, but then my work life oriented towards life-saving services, a job I have been doing on the beaches of Ibiza and Formentera for 14 years.

At the same time I studied to become trainer for mountaineering and I decided to start a project of guided hiking on an island without mountains, paradoxes of life. 


Sports have been accompanying me since my childhood, and it is the way to explore my abilities and personal growth.Going for a walk, running and swimming are basic tools to connect with my body and the environment that surrounds me.

I am currently expanding horizons of exploration to offer guided hiking on the other Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and more...

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